Easy 5 step Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups Recipe (Step By Step Guide)

Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups

Seasoned chicken sauteed with some veggies and wrapped with a lettuce leaf. How simple is that? It can be an easy and healthy addition to your dinner or lunch table. If you are looking for an easy healthy chicken dinner for your family then Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups will be the best choice for you.  The ingredients are pretty common and maybe you already have them in your fridge.  

Here Is The Step By Step Guide To Make Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups Recipe

Nutrition Facts

This recipe of a chicken wrap will serve a good amount of calories. Also, it has a minimum amount of carbohydrates which makes it a low carb diet-friendly dish. You can add it to your low carb lunch or low carb dinner ideas easily. Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups has a pretty low amount of fat and fiber too. So no worry about gaining weight.

Frying the chicken and veggies in olive oil will make this dish far more healthy for you. It won’t have much cholesterol to block your heart or your veins.

Can I use any kind of lettuce for chicken lettuce cups?

Yes, you can. It wholly depends on your choice. Just remember to refrigerate them before using them. It gives the lettuce an extra crunchy flavor.

Can I grill the chicken instead of sauteing?

To keep this simple as possible I recommended to saute it instead of grilling. But grilling will be the best choice for cooking this dish. Just season the chicken lightly and add some oil in the grill then start grilling. Then grill the rest of the veggies too if you want. Or you can saute the veggies then add them with the chicken wrap.

Can I use taco seasoning for a chicken wrap?

It almost looks like a taco so I would give it ta try. But remember this kind of seasoning contains salt. You don’t want a salty chicken lettuce wrap. Add the seasoning while sauteing the chicken and veggies.

Can I serve chicken wraps to my kids?

Of course. Even though these chicken wraps are low in fat and carbohydrates, you can serve them to your kids. Just remember to fill in the gaps in the daily carb and protein limit.

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