Steak And Eggs Recipes To Cook At Home

Steak And Eggs Recipes

Steak And Eggs

It’s a dish prepared usually for breakfast but can be served as supper as well as dinner. Steak is mostly made with beef but a fish steak is also a good option. Various parts of a cow can be used for steaks such as top sirloin, tri-tip, flank, new york strip, etc. Steak and eggs are a pretty common dish in western countries.

Basically, to cook a steak the beef is seasoned properly and cooked in hot cooking oil for several minutes. Or you can use different kinds of spices and sauces marinate the steak and cook in the pan. You can use an oven to cook the steak too. You can cook the eggs in various types of ways. Fried, scrambled, poached, but fried is preferred with the steak.

Which Cut Is Best For Steaks?

For the best steak and eggs recipe, you can choose from a long list of beef fillets. It all depends on your budget. For an expansive cut, you can choose between Ribeye, Kobe Beef, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Kansas city strip, Filet mignon, or Tenderloin. And for cheap cut Chuck Eye, Flat Iron, Charcoal, Chuck, Tri-Tip, Eye Round, Hanger, Flap, etc.

Steak And Egg Recipes

The Most Common

This is the most common recipe of steak and eggs and off course the easiest. Well, the difficulty depends on how you wanna cook your steak. Rare, medium-rare, or well done. Just remember the thicker the meat the lower the heat. Besides, high heat is an easy way to keep your meat juicy and tender.

Cooking The Steak

First of all, take a beefsteak near 1 inch thick and season it properly on both sides. Next, add some extra salt and paper while seasoning because most of the salt and paper go to the frying oil. Drop some olive oil in the frying pan and heat it properly.

If you can’t hear a sizzling sound as soon as you put the steak in don’t put the steak in. Because it won’t cook well in cold oil. Then put a stick of rosemary, 3 1-inch cubes of butter and a clove of garlic in. After 3 minutes turn your steak and cook the other side another 3 minutes. Now it’s time to decide whether you wanna eat rare, medium-rare or well-done steak for your steak and eggs.

Checking The Steak:-

  1. Raw. Feel the palm of your hand, just below your thumb. …
  2. Rare. Now bring your thumb to your pointer finger, and touch that same part of your palm again. …
  3. MediumRare. Touch your thumb to your middle finger. …
  4. Medium. Move your thumb to your ring finger. …
  5. WellDone. Now touch your thumb to your pinky.


Make sure to rest your steak after getting it out of the pan. Because resting the steak in room temperature helps the steak to redistribute the juices all over the steak and make it juicy. Resting the steak is really important.

Cooking the egg

In order to make the perfect steak and egg recipe, you have to cook the egg perfectly. You can cook the egg in the same pan you used to cook the steak or you can take a fresh pan and put some olive oil. Then crack open an egg without breaking the yolk. Simply season it with salt and paper and fry it.


Finally, put the egg on top of the steak and serve it with bread. In addition, you can serve different kinds of salad or sauce such as coleslaw or steak sauce.

Nutrition (for regular medium-sized steak)

Calories:- 1100 | Fat:- 92g | Carbohydrate:- 0.5g | Protein:- 62g |


1. Make sure to cook both sides evenly as well as the sides of the steak.
2. Toss the butter and oil mixture on top of the steak before taking it out of the pan.
3. Cooking the egg in the same pan and oil will give you an extra flavor on your eggs.
4. Cut off excess fat from your steak before cooking in order to avoid extra fat.
5. Put extra salt and paper while seasoning your steak because the oil eats the seasoning while cooking.
6. Another crucial tip is to put the steak only if the oil is sizzling.

Steak And Eggs Burrito

Enough with the regular steak and egg recipes. They are all over the internet. Let’s cook something new. Let’s make a burrito out of steak. First of all, take your favorite piece of steak(400 g) and slice it thinly. Marinate them with olive oil, salt, paper, bbq seasoning(1 tsp). Then take a pan heat some butter and add the egg (2), salt, chopped onion. Cook them for a little and make sure they stay moist. Because they are gonna get cooked again.

After that take a pan, drop some cooking oil and cook the marinated beef for a while until they get properly cooked. Finally, take a tortilla and grill it for a while, then spread some sour cream in the middle and add cooked steak, egg, cheese, sprinkle of bbq seasoning and wrap it up. After that take the burrito in a pan and heat it until the cheese gets melted. There you have it, your steak and eggs burrito for breakfast and lunch.

Nutrition (without cheese)

Calories:- 1281| Fat:- 72.3 | Carbohydrate:- 22.7 | Protein:- 125.5 |

Tips (For both recipes)

1. Try to use vegetable oil, olive oil to avoid extra cholesterol.
2. Try to cook the steaks properly to avoid digestion problems.
3. Cut off excess fat from the steaks to avoid high fat in your dish.
4. Consume steaks as breakfast to digest properly.
5. Season the steaks properly.
6. Only put the steak in the oil if it’s sizzling, otherwise, the steak won’t cook properly.
7. Rinse the steak with the butter before taking it out of the pan in order to keep the surface moist.
8. It’s crucial to rest the steak because the juices will redistribute while resting. Otherwise, the steak may stay a little chewy.

Are steak and egg dishes good for you?

As long as the food contains beef in it, it will be full of calories. If you can manage to get the better piece of beef for your recipe then there is a chance that you will get fewer calories in your body. The first recipe contains 1100 calories which are a lot to burn. If you don’t burn these calories they are gonna turn into fat and overweight your body.

But these recipes are just not bad because they contain a lot of protein and protein means energy. Taking them at breakfast will help to digest properly also process the protein properly. People who go to the gym or do a lot of physical stress daily can get a lot of benefits from these dishes. Moreover, they are low carb so you don’t have to worry about any extra carbs getting in your body.

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