RECIPES TYPE: Hello my dears, …. have this topic already set in another forum here. Maybe it is right here. I hope you can help me. 👀I have already presented my problem in a Facebook Thermomix group and also got helpful information. However, I now miss recipes here too.


We ran from doctor to doctor for over seven months and nobody was able to help my husband. Only a natural health practitioner has attested to him that he is allergic to any kind of flour (including spelled, buckwheat) all kinds of nuts (including almonds), eggs, corn and rice 😳, celery, banana, apples. So much so that he gets rash all over his body.

Dairy products may be rather irregular. I need recipe suggestions for breads, please. Have already baked a bread with baking soda and mineral water. Flaxseed, potato flour and chickpeas were flour in it. Tasted it very well. However, that gets a bit boring every day. ” I would also like to know if you can replace normal flour with potato flour one to one. Then theoretically I could modify any recipe and use potato flour or flaxseed flour instead of regular flour, right? I am very grateful for every suggestion! Many greetings