5 Easy Homemade Paleo Lunch Ideas For Kids

Paleo Lunch Ideas For Kids

What is a Paleo Diet?

Before following Paleo Lunch Ideas For Kids you have to know that the paleo diet is also known as a caveman diet is a diet that used to be followed by our ancestors. It is actually the food habit they used to follow. Eating from nature.

No processed food or high gluten or high carb. Paleo diet is a weight loss diet. It is a high protein and fiber but low carb diet. In this diet, you can not eat foods that contain sugar or glutens, grains, legumes, such as beans, lentils, peanuts, peas, dairy products, processed goods, etc.

But you can eat meat, fish, egg, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Also, any kind of healthy oil-based foods is allowed in the paleo diet. These kinds of food will help you to get more protein and fewer grains, sugar, and legume.

The main idea of this diet is from the early ages when humans used to hunt and started farming for food. There used to be no processed foods, no unhealthy fried food, no additive sugar. People used to totally live on the live stocks they had and also on their own grown vegetables.

But this diet has some side effects too. While the paleo diet contains low sugar and carbohydrate it can lower your sugar level, and also blood pressure at the same time. You have to eat enough calories to meet your everyday need. So choose your food wisely and you can stay healthy by following any diet you want.

5 best paleo lunch ideas for kids

Here are the best paleo lunch ideas for kids that we picked for you so that you don’t have to. Try and follow them but remember to make sure that the kids are getting their daily nutrition properly. Also, follow these recipes only if the paleo diet is recommended by any nutrition expert. Do not make your kids follow any diet without professional recommendation.

Egg Rolls

Easy egg rolls for your kids that they can not put aside and forget to eat. These egg rolls look so appetizing and delicious that anyone will be eager to have a taste of them. It is easy to cook egg dishes that will serve proper nutrition to your kid at lunch break and fill their tummy. This roll is very delicious and nutritious. You can serve them with some paleo ketchup.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

This can also be a low carb lunch idea. This chicken lettuce wrap contains less carb, no sugar, no unhealthy fat, or fried food. So this can be a perfect paleo lunch idea for kids and adults too. Lettuce wraps are pretty common among diet lovers. Also, it is a quick and delicious way to lose some weight and stay gluten-free. A healthy and delicious dish doesn’t have to be expensive. With only a few bucks you can cook this dish at home and save some time. Some chicken mince and with seasoning cooked in the pan and wrapped with lettuce. That’s it. This is one of the easiest healthy paleo lunch ideas for kids

Fish Taco

The fish taco is just as same as the chicken lettuce wrap. No need to do anything complex. Just some fish fried ( any kind) in healthy paleo-friendly oil and mixed with some guacamole. Wrapped with a lettuce cup instead of tortillas. Tortillas contain high carbohydrates so you have to avoid them if you wanna avoid those extra calories. You can marinate the fish the night before and fry them in the morning. You can wrap them while packing lunch.

Lemon Shrimp

Juicy and sweet shrimps glazed with some light sauce is a great way to serve lunch. You can easily cook them in the morning and pack them for lunch for your kids. All you have to do is season the shrimps and half cook them in a pan. Then make the sauce put the shrimps again and fully cook them. Let them cool down a bit then pack them or you can use a hot pot to keep them heated. It is a healthy and delicious way to lose weight. You can coat the shrimps with a little flour to give it a little crust but not necessary.

Salmon Patties

This recipe takes a little longer than the others. Baked salmon mashed into a bowl with some healthy veggies and then fried in the shape of patties. You can serve them wrapped with lettuce or bun. But if you are avoiding carbs then lettuce is the way to go. Also, you can serve them with sour cream without any wrapping. An easy gluten-free salmon recipe that can serve proper nutrition and less fat, carbs.

By the way, you can check out The Paleo Kids Cookbook. It’s a nice book of some good paleo lunch recipes. You might like it.

Also, you might check out The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet e-book. It’s also a great one for paleo lunch recipes for kids.

Is choosing Paleo Lunch Ideas For Kids a good idea?

If you are looking forward to making your kids follow a healthy diet plan and lose weight then paleo can be a good idea. But you have to remember that the paleo diet is a good idea for losing weight. It has a low amount of carbohydrates and high protein and high fiber. Whereas kids under 10-15 years require a good amount of carbohydrates for their growth. So it can be the wrong choice if you choose to go with a paleo diet for your kids.

Also, the paleo diet excludes dairy products like milk, butter, yogurt from your menu. These dairy products serve a lot of health benefits to kids. They need a proper amount of fat and carb to grow properly. Also, some other nutrients can not be managed by following a paleo diet. This may not be necessary for you and me but they are compulsory for the kids. So, you have to rethink before making your kids follow a paleo diet.

However, if you’re kid is overweight then paleo lunch ideas for kids are a good choice. All you have to do is take away all the high carb, dairy-based products from their diet and fill them with proteins like fish, chicken, meat, eggs, etc. And for vegetables, you can add sweet potatoes, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, etc.

How to prepare paleo lunch boxes for kids

When it’s about decorating kids’ paleo lunch boxes you have to give it some effort. Because kids love to eat food that looks good too. Try decorating their lunch boxes by separating each item in a bento lunch box. You don’t need to find another article about bento lunch box ideas for kids. Just separate these dishes is different partitions and the fill the empty partitions with various fruits, salad or sauces.

Should I follow Paleo Lunch Ideas For Kids for every meal?

It might sound like following a diet from an early age can provide good health. Actually, it does. Look at the cavemen how they used to survive in that harsh environment wilderness and their kids too. So following healthy paleo lunch ideas for kids and feeding your kid like a cave kid is not a bad idea. Just make sure they get what they need to grow.

But also kids require different kinds of nutrition for their growth. Even if they are overweight they need a good amount of healthy nutrients that can help them to grow. You can add some carb, sugar, and a little bit of dairy for the breakfast and choose paleo ideas for lunch and dinner.

All sorts of dairy foods are avoided in this diet. But we all know that milk provides important healthy nutrients. You can gather them from some other foods but that will be very difficult.

In short, paleo may cause your kids some benefits but also they have demerits too. Following paleo lunch ideas for kids doesn’t mean all they have to eat is paleo. You should follow a healthy meal plan for kids suggested by a nutrition expert instead of following a diet blindly.

Which vegetables are best for my kids paleo diet?

In case of losing weight for kids and keeping the dish tasty, you have to be picky about the vegetables. I suggest sweet potato, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, capsicum, mushrooms, etc. To get the best healthy paleo lunch ideas for kids I prefer to pick the vegetables that the kids like the most.

What kind of paleo snacks can I serve to my kids?

For some easy snack ideas, I can suggest fruits, almonds, baked veggies, jerky, hard-boiled egg, etc. But if you have time and energy try to make some nonbaked fruit tarts, hummus without beans, guacamole, carrots fries, banana pudding, various fruits, and vegetable bars, etc.

Are chips paleo friendly?

Kids love chips. And there’s no way you can take away their chips eating fantasy because of a diet. In paleo, you can try out different types of vegetable chip ideas like carrot chips, tortilla chips( grain-free), sweet potato chips, etc. Even though some say that potatoes are paleo-friendly I wouldn’t recommend trying that. Try to fry them in paleo oil or bake them.

Can you have honey on Paleo?

Honey is a natural and healthy element of nature. It has numerous benefits and also filled with fructose. Consuming at a limited amount is beneficial to health but in paleo, you have to be picky. You have to eat honey in a sparing manner. It is not forbidden in paleo but has to be controlled.

Can you eat rice on Paleo?

Even though it sounds like rice is paleo-friendly food it is not allowed in paleo. It is a grain and grains are not allowed in paleo. That’s why we didn’t include any rice in the paleo lunch ideas for kids list.

Which fruits should I add on my kids paleo diet?

Fruits that do not contain much sugar or carb can be added to the paleo diet list. So any kind of berries ( strawberry, blueberry, raspberry), banana, apple, citrus fruits, melon, peach, palm, etc.

How effective is the Paleo Diet?

According to nutrition experts, the paleo diet is very effective. While eating like a caveman you have to let go of all the processed, sugar, high gluten contained foods. Also, unhealthy fat-containing foods are also avoided in this diet. These kinds of foods are the main reasons for major health issues these days. So avoiding them will surely bring good effects on your health. However, sometimes it backfires. But a lot of people around the world follow this diet and I personally haven’t heard anyone facing any problems. Also, the backfire rate is very low. But paleo lunch ideas for kids is always a debate. Many do not prefer to make their kids follow a paleo diet.

What is a typical Paleo breakfast?

For your kids, there are hundreds of dishes that can be used as paleo breakfast. Eggs are paleo-friendly, which makes it easier to make a quick breakfast and serve. You can also try out different chicken dishes too. You can add some carbs as long as you are cooking them for your kids. It’ll help them to go through the day.

Is paleo diet appropriate for kids?

No. Unless they are facing overweight health issues. You can add paleo lunch and dinner on their diet but breakfast must contain a limited amount of carb and sugar. They need it for their daily growth.

Can you eat potato on Paleo?

No, you should not eat potato on the paleo diet. While paleo is a high carb vegetable and high carb is not allowed on the paleo diet, you better avoid it. You can have sweet potatoes instead. They contain a limited amount of carb.

Does paloe diet cause weight loss?

Yes. The main idea of this diet is to remove all the sugar, legumes, processed, high-carb, unhealthy fat-based foods and add all the protein healthy fat-based fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, etc.

Are legumes paleo freindly?

No. Legumes are a family of foods that includes beans, lentils, peas, etc. Also, peanut and soy made foods are considered legumes too. Due to a huge amount of lectins and phytic acid legumes are not paleo-friendly.

Is paleo diet bad for me?

Is some cases, yes. Paleo can be a bad diet to go with. Because of the high amount of meat, vegetables, and nuts, seeds with no dairy or carb can cause heart damage according to some studies.

Can I have cheese on Paleo?

Neither dairy nor processed foods are allowed in the paleo diet. Cheese is a processed dairy product. Which means its a no-no for a paleo diet.

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