Easy 3 Step Greek Salad Recipe (Step By Step Guide)

Greek Salad recipe

A salad can be considered as a main course if it serves proper nutrition. Greek Salad a low amount of carb, a good number of calories, and also a little fat. If you are choosing salad as the main course then obviously you are choosing to lose weight. That’s why the Greek Salad is a good choice for dinner or lunch. It will fill your stomach and won’t serve much fat or carbohydrate. That’s exactly how you lose weight.

Easiest Way You Can Make Greek Salad Recipe

Here are some extra details of Greek Salad Recipe that you might wanna know:-

Nutrition Facts

Very low fat, carbohydrate, and calorie make the dish suitable for losing weight and staying healthy. Only 16 g carbohydrates won’t even count as a carb. The fat is from the feta cheese. Even though it is only a little you can get rid of that by switching to cottage cheese. But it won’t be greek salad anymore.

Can I make Greek Salad a day before?

Preparing the salad ahead of time is not recommended. But, if you have a big day coming and need to make a ton of other things then one thing you can do is, cut the ingredients at night and store them in the fridge covered separately. Do not mix them. Mixing them will get the essence of each ingredient all mixed up. You don’t want that for sure.

How do I get rid of the odor of onion?

Take a bowl. Add 250 ml of water. A spoon, full of white wine vinegar. Drop the sliced onions. Let them soak for 5 minutes. That will get rid of the smell of onion and make them sweet and crunchy for your salad.

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