Easy 8 step Cilantro Lime Chicken Recipe

Cilantro Lime Chicken

This is the easiest of all chicken recipes you’ll ever see. Cilantro Lime Chicken is a healthy, quick, and easy chicken recipe that anyone can make anywhere anytime. The ingredients of this recipe are the most common ingredients of all time. Garlic, cumin, salt, black pepper, lime, olive oil, and of course chicken. That’s it.

These easy ingredients can make a perfect dinner or lunch for your family and yourself. You won’t believe how delicious and healthy meals can be prepared with such easy ingredients until you try it.

Some Information You Should Know About Cilantro Lime Chicken

Can I Use Parsley Instead Of Cilantro?

Like I said feel free to get your own taste in your food. Experiments make you more expert. The same amount o parsley should be added to the marinade mixture. Chop them roughly before adding.

Can I Use Chicken Breast Instead?

Yes, you can. As long as the chicken is boneless it will do the job. Don’t forget to give the chicken’s a thin slit to get the marinade in.

Nutrition Facts

Cilantro Lime Chicken clearly has not many ingredients to justify either they are healthy are not. Only a few spices and chicken thighs. As long as you use the extra virgin olive oil these chicken thighs will have no unhealthy effects in your body. This dish a very low amount of carb. And clearly you can add it to your keto or low carb diet plan.

Can I Serve It With RIce?

This chicken served with rice is not a bad idea. But the seasoning may depend on it. If you like light seasoning then it may taste pretty good. But if you don’t then you need to add a little extra seasoning to the chicken thighs while marinating.

Can I Add Extra Seasoning?

Feel free to get creative with your choices. Just because we recommend these spices doesn’t mean these are the best. Try to add something sweet or slightly hot. Don’t add anything sour otherwise the dish may turn super acidic.

In case if you want to know more information about chicken, click here to go and learn more about it.

More chicken recipes

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An easy chicken recipe with some beef bacon, spinach, and cheese stuffed in it. Ignoring all the traditional ways of cooking chicken and cooking Beef Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken will give you a whole new experience of cooking and tasting chicken.

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