5 Quick And Easy Breakfast Birthday Cake Ideas [Latest Updated 2020]

Quick And Easy Breakfast Birthday Cake Ideas

Thinking of celebrating a birthday at the breakfast table? Or, you’re just so excited that you wanna start your morning with a cake. Or, you are looking for a way to surprise someone with a cake in the morning on their birthday. It doesn’t matter as long as you are looking for a breakfast birthday cake idea then you have come to the right place.

You know you can go with the traditional cake but it breakfast. Come on. You can make so many different types of cakes with you common breakfast ingredients. And I can promise you that if you can make your daily breakfast, you can make this amazing breakfast birthday cakes too.

Is it okay to eat cake for breakfast?

Most of the study says it is actually good for losing weight. Surprisingly it is true. Having a heavy meal in the morning helps you to go through the day. A good amount of carb and protein in the morning can help us to stay filled for the rest of the day. Also, some sweets help to stem cravings for these foods according to researcher Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, of Tel Aviv University in Israel.

It is so good to be true that you can eat cakes not just for birthday breakfast but also for every day. I pulled this topic so early because you need to know that you’re just not having a birthday breakfast cake but also a healthy breakfast.

How to prepare for a breakfast birthday cake

Making a cake in the morning can be a real pain. To make things easier you can take some steps.

First of all, decide which recipe you are gonna follow. Most of the time we get confused at the last moment and can’t decide what to do. So be confident about your choice and note all the ingredients.

Buy the ingredients a day before and make sure to double-check on the list. Some times even after having all the ingredients we mess things up. If you really are that clumsy then divide the ingredients in different containers and be prepared for the morning.

If you are following any recipe like pancakes that requires to make a mixture that can be used frozen, then make the mixture and let it rest in the fridge over-night. You can let it get to room temperature and then cook it.

Breakfast Birthday Cake Recipes

Nutrella crepe pancake cake

If you like pancakes then you are gonna love it. A breakfast birthday cake made out of pancake. First, you need to know how to make the perfect pancakes. If you know then all you have to do is follow this recipe and make the best pancake cake ever existed. I don’t know maybe I loved it too much.

So this pancake cake recipe will require a total of 2 layers of filling and a chocolate ganache to cover it up. One filling is sweet chantilly cream and the other is Nutella cream.

First, you’re gonna have to make the pancakes. Make sure they are thin. Just take the right amount to cover the surface of your pan. After making the pancakes let them cool down and layer them by spreading two layers of filling and shaving the edges of the pancakes. Then cover the whole cake with chocolate ganache. Top it with some dried fruit or crushed nuts. And you are good to go.

Funfetti pancakes

This is actually a pancake made out of cake mixture. How do you make Funfetti pancakes from scratch? The cooking process is just as same as pancakes. Also, the ingredients are just about the same. The only thing different about it is the dry ingredients include a cake mix. You’re gonna have to use the Funfetti cake mix in this recipe. You’re also gonna use some sprinkles in the cake so don’t forget to get some.

You can serve it with some butter on top also a drizzle of maple syrup. This dish is especially loved by the kids. So this is a good addition to the breakfast birthday cake for kids.

are pancakes cake?

Pancakes are cakes that are cooked in a pan instead of baking. Because the key ingredients of pancakes are the same as the cake. So if you are serving pancake in the morning you are technically serving the cake. But when it’s about birthday try to make it a little special. And to make pancakes special follow these recipes. They make the perfect breakfast birthday cake.

Chocolate layer cake

The most common and favorite cake around the world. Chocolate cake. Today you’ll learn how to make a layered chocolate cake from scratch. Here we have a chocolate cake with 3 layers. This is easy and probably the best chocolate cake you’ll ever taste. It’s full of chocolate, and butter, no other flavor is included. All you need for this cake is an oven and that’s it. Try to get the best quality cocoa powder you can get your hands on.

By following this recipe you’ll make the best chocolate breakfast birthday cake without a doubt.

Black Forest cake

The best thing about black forest cake is that it looks pretty good and also appetizing. The main idea of this cake is that you need 3 layers of cake separated by 2 layers of whipped cream and cherry. The cake contains chocolate syrup and coffee mixture which gives it a complex flavor.

vanilla cake

A simple and easy to bake vanilla cake can be a perfect breakfast birthday cake. Most of the time vanilla cake turns out to be dry if mixture isn’t perfect. You don’t want your birthday breakfast to be dry. So follow the instructions properly to get the perfect texture and moist on your cake.

You can your favorite frosting but we are using basic vanilla frosting. Raspberry coolie will also be a good fit for the recipe.

Also, you might wanna see these books The Perfect Cake and Disney Movie Recipes to Try at Home. They are one of the best seller books on Amazon on birthday breakfast cake recipes. Check them out if you want.

What kind of drinks you can have on your birthday breakfast?

Smoothies will be the first choice of mine for breakfast. There are several types of delicious and healthy smoothies that you can have. They are pretty easy to make. All you have to do is choose your favorite fruit, sweetener, yogurt, and ice. Blend them all together and serve it with sliced or crushed nuts. You can add protein powder too if you want it to be more nutritious.

Or you can have milkshakes too. They are also easy to make and delicious. Check out our 5 best banana milkshake recipes that you can try. They will fit well with the breakfast birthday cakes.

what can i have for Birthday breakfast?

If you are looking for something more with cake then we can suggest 5 different types of birthday breakfast ideas that can fit in your breakfast table pretty easily. For your convenience, we have collected the easiest and tastiest dishes around the world.

Birthday Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a common way to impress someone and its not that hard of a job either. Just make sure to decorate properly and put their favorite ingredients in the breakfast. Add a good color combination on the tray and also make it smell good. Also, don’t forget to put a special cup of tea or coffee by the side because it’s breakfast after all.

And try to add a little note even though you will be there. It’s not compulsory but some words are better to be said indirectly. Get some fresh flowers a day before or maybe from your garden that adds good color to the tray.

Even though I don’t know what is the special ingredients you want to put in the dish I’ll try my best to suggest some really good and easy to make breakfasts that can impress anyone. Also, I’ll suggest keeping things simple as it is breakfast. There’s a whole birthday party waiting ahead. So the more simplicity fewer mistakes and solid results.

Does Chick Fil A Do Anything For Birthdays?

If you install the Chick Fil A android app then they’ll send you a coupon for a free cookie on your birthday. You can redeem your free chocolate chunk cookie for the next 10 days of your birthday.

How Do You Get A Free Drink From Starbucks On Your Birthday

Starbucks will send you an email 2 days before your birthday to notify you that you can redeem a free food or beverage item on your birthday. You’ll need to show your Starbucks app or registered card at the barista to get your free item.

What stores give birthday discounts?

Del Taco, Dairy Queen, Denny, Abuelo’s, Barnes & Noble, Benihana, Bojangles, Cold stone creamery, Dippin dots, etc.

Do You Get Free Breakfast At Denny’s For Your Birthday?

Yes, they do. And you can create your own birthday menu according to their offer. All you have to do is sign up Denny’s rewards and you can redeem your birthday breakfast coupon on your birthday.

What Should I Make My Mom For Her Birthday Breakfast?

Just remember what she likes, which flavor she prefers, which food she orders in restaurants. Try to make something out of these ingredients and dishes. Let her know her special she is for you and the family.

How To Celebrate Birthday During Pandemic

Find out or follow our easy recipes for birthday cake and snacks to make the best birthday cake at home with easy to get ingredients. Don’t invite people instead pack and deliver the food to them.

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