5 Best & Easy Birthday Breakfast ideas

Birthday is the day we celebrate to cheer our loved ones and let them know how much we love them. It is the day we wish for a happy loving life for them. There is a lot of special events that may occur on the birthday. But the most special one happens at the dinner table or in bed. I’m talking about breakfast in bed. Birthday breakfast is a way to gift that special person a warm starter for the day. In this post today we are gonna show you some best ideas for making the best birthday breakfast for your wife or husband or for that special person.

Best Birthday Breakfast Ideas

Today I’m gonna suggest you various ways to prepare the best birthday breakfast for a special person that they are gonna remember forever. A lot of us can cook proper meals but don’t know what to put together in times of special events. So today’s all about how to set up a perfect breakfast on this special day. Also, we’re gonna share some of the best recipes around the world that you might wanna try.

Birthday Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is a common way to impress someone and its not that hard of a job either. Just make sure to decorate properly and put their favorite ingredients in the breakfast. Add a good color combination on the tray and also make it smell good. Also, don’t forget to put a special cup of tea or coffee by the side because it’s breakfast after all. And try to add a little note even though you will be there. It’s not compulsory but some words are better to be said indirectly. Get some fresh flowers a day before or maybe from your garden that adds good color to the tray.

Even though I don’t know what is the special ingredients you want to put in the dish I’ll try my best to suggest some really good and easy to make breakfasts that can impress anyone. Also, I’ll suggest keeping things simple as it is breakfast. There’s a whole birthday party waiting ahead. So the more simplicity fewer mistakes and solid results.

Perfect pancakes

Blueberry, chocolate chip, banana no matter which type of pancake you are looking forward to making for this special day you need to know the proper ratio of ingredients. Some tips for pancakes.

  • Use baking powder and baking soda together at the same time.
  • Use buttermilk for better texture.
  • Use a lot of butter.
  • Non-stick pans are good enough. But skillets are good enough.
  • Use 1/3 cup of a portion for each pancake for the perfect size.
  • Add the chocolate chip or blueberry after putting the batter in the pan.

And try not to use box mixes, please. Because the box mixes aren’t very special, are they? So if you want a special birthday pancake recipe just click the link and follow along.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Cupcakes might seem like not a breakfast element but trust me it will blow their mind. These little red sweet, creamy, bit salty, soft cupcakes will just not add good flavor to the breakfast but also it will add a beautiful color that will attract anyone towards it. For a perfect birthday breakfast idea, you can add this to your list without a doubt. If you are looking for birthday breakfast ideas for girlfriend this will be a perfect addition. Tips for red velvet cupcakes?

  • Measure the ingredients and before to keep everything smooth. It gets messy most of the time.
  • Try to use coloring paste to color the cake. Liquid color doesn’t work that well.
  • Cool it down before topping it.

You can make these cakes for your Valentine’s day breakfast in bed too. You can also add some other dishes with it like tacos, eggs benedict, or maybe a croissant. So just click the link and follow the instructions.

Breakfast Tacos

Tacos can literally be eaten at any time of the day. Light crunchy tacos with various topping can be a good addition to the birthday breakfast ideas for your husband. You can make the tortillas at home or store-bought will do. Making tortillas isn’t really hard. You can make the dough at night and cook in the morning then add favorite toppings. You can serve different types of sweet treats with it too. A smoothie or milkshake will be a good choice.

  • Try to make everything from scratch. It’s not hard at all.
  • Bake the taco after adding the toppings to get it crispy.
  • As it is a breakfast add you favorite protein ingredient.

Pizza Waffles

Who doesn’t love pizza? And waffles? How about combining them both? Its really easy if you have a waffle iron at home. Just make the mixture and pour it in the waffle iron. After its done top it with pizza toppings and bake it for several minutes.

  • Wait for the waffle to stop steaming to cook properly.
  • Add the topping while the waffle is in the iron and put it like this for a while to let the cheese melt.
  • Put cooked toppings on the waffle because the waffle will already be cooked when you add the toppings.

Waffle pizza will be a really good addition to your birthday breakfast tray. I prefer adding some protein like a chicken with it for better flavor.

Shepherd’s Pie

Now if you are looking for something beefy then shepherd’s pie will do the job. Easy ingredients like beef mince, vegetables, and a few spices will make a great combination and after cooking they will both taste and smell good enough to get anyone out of the bed.

  • Render almost all the fat out of the mince while cooking.
  • Grate the vegetables for better taste.
  • Try and get creative with the flavors like adding cheese with the mince.

For a quick and easy shepherd’s pie recipe just click and follow the instructions. Like I said add your favorite spices and ingredients to experiment. And make the best of it at the birthday breakfast.

There are 2 e-books on Amazon which are pretty good. There are some pretty good recipes on those books. One of them is Country Cooking and the other one is The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs. Go and check them out because you might like them.

What should i make my mom for her birthday breakfast?

Most of our childhood birthdays are celebrated with our parents. I barely can remember any birthday that I ever celebrated without my mom. So when it’s time for their special day, they always deserve better. Just remember what she likes, which flavor she prefers, which food she orders in restaurants. Try to make something out of these ingredients and dishes. Let her know her special she is for you and the family.

What should i make for breakfast for my boyfriend?

It all depends on what he likes. If he likes spicy in the morning you can try out the Shepherds pie. Savory? Try out the breakfast taco or waffle pizza. Does he like something sweet? Then try out the pancake or red velvet cake. There are tons of other breakfast ideas that you can try out. No need to stick to these recipes.

do you get free breakfast at denny’s for your birthday?

Yes, they do. And you can create your own birthday menu according to their offer. All you have to do is sign up Denny’s rewards and you can redeem your birthday breakfast coupon on your birthday.

Does chick fil a do anything for birthdays?

If you install the Chick Fil A android app then they’ll send you a coupon for a free cookie on your birthday. You can redeem your free chocolate chunk cookie for the next 10 days of your birthday.

how do you get a free drink from Starbucks on your birthday

Starbucks will send you an email 2 days before your birthday to notify you that you can redeem a free food or beverage item on your birthday. You’ll need to show your Starbucks app or registered card at the barista to get your free item.

Is it okay to eat cake for breakfast?

Most of the study says it is actually good for losing weight. Surprisingly it is true. Having a heavy meal in the morning helps you to go through the day. A good amount of carb and protein in the morning can help us to stay filled for the rest of the day. Also, some sweets help to stem cravings for these foods according to researcher Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, of Tel Aviv University in Israel.

It is so good to be true that you can eat cakes not just for birthday breakfast but also for every day. I pulled this topic so early because you need to know that you’re just not having a birthday breakfast cake but also a healthy breakfast. Check out our birthday breakfast cake ideas.

What kind of drinks you can have on your birthday breakfast?

Smoothies will be the first choice of mine for breakfast. There are several types of delicious and healthy smoothies that you can have. They are pretty easy to make. All you have to do is choose your favorite fruit, sweetener, yogurt, and ice. Blend them all together and serve it with sliced or crushed nuts. You can add protein powder too if you want it to be more nutritious.

Or you can have milkshakes too. They are also easy to make and delicious. Check out our 5 best banana milkshake recipes that you can try.

How to celebrate birthday during pandemic

We all are suffering because of the pandemic. We know it’s good for all of us to stay at home and maintain social distance. But it is getting annoying and boring gradually. To lift our spirits and cheer up a little bit birthday celebration is a really good idea. You can follow our birthday recipes and make the easiest birthday breakfast with ingredients that are easy to find.

Also, try not to invite people to your party because safety is always the first concern. You can create an amazing breakfast and enjoy it with your family members and maybe the closest neighbors at max. Or you can pack and deliver them to them for the best.

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