5 Quick & Easy Steps Better-Than-Takeout Beef And Broccoli Recipe

Better-Than-Takeout Beef And Broccoli Recipe

Better-Than-Takeout Beef And Broccoli Recipe:- A heavy high in carb dish balanced with some broccoli to enrich the flavors of protein-packed beef with a thick sauce. If you don’t like broccoli and you need a way to eat them. Trust me this is the best way possible. Steak slices drizzled with a sweet and sour sauce served with some half-cooked broccoli will make you hungry anytime.

Better-Than-Takeout Beef and Broccoli is a perfect combination of green and red, meat, and veggie that can be the reason behind a bunch of happy tummy and faces.

Here Is The Better-Than-Takeout Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Here are some extra details of Better-Than-Takeout Beef And Broccoli Recipe that you might wanna know:-

Nutrition Facts

If you ever followed or tried to follow a low carb diet then you’ve heard about beef and broccoli a lot. In this case, it’s no different. Better-Than-Takeout Beef and Broccoli is a low card dish. It has around 27 grams of carbohydrates in the whole dish. And per serving 14 grams. If you include your whole day meals net carb then it will surely not cross the carb limit according to low carb diet.

This dish also contains a good amount of calories. Around 300 per serving. So you should also watch out for the extra calories along with the carbohydrates. This will surely help someone with a heavyweight who just can’t get rid of the beef. Share this recipe with your friend and let them have a good meal and a healthy diet at the same time.

What Cut Of Meat Is Used For Beef And Broccoli?

Any tender cut can be used in this dish. I’ll suggest flank steak, flank iron steak. 

Is Beef And Broccoli Good For You?

Like I said this dish contains a lot of calories and an amount of carb higher than low carb limit. This is mainly because of the brown sugar. You can avoid it if you want but you won’t get the same taste without it. Anyway, removing the sugar from the ingredients will reduce the carb, and then you can add this dish to your low carb lunch or low carb dinner plans.

What Can I Serve With Beef And Broccoli?

Well, rice will go perfectly with it. But this dish already contains enough carb. So, if you are looking for something carb-free then cauliflower rice will be fine. It’s really easy to make cauliflower rice. Just grate a whole cauliflower head and saute it with seasoning for few minutes. That’s it. You’ll know when it’s done.

Can You Eat Beef And Broccoli On Keto?

Of course, you can. This Better-Than-Takeout Beef and Broccoli Recipe contains a little amount of carbohydrate and fat that can help you to lose weight. It will fill your stomach and won’t cause any carb storage in your body.

How Do You Tenderize Beef For Stir Fry?

Who doesn’t love tender beef in their dish? Now tenderizing beef is all about marinating. The longer you marinate the more it changes the pH level. The more the level changes the beef gets tender. You can marinate the beef with soy sauce or vinegar. But egg white, cornstarch, and water can help better with this.

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