Best and Healthy Foods To Make During COVID-19 Quarantine: Part – 3

Best and Healthy Foods To Make

Best and Healthy Foods To Make (Part – 3):- Have you read our previous two articles where we discussed the importance of Vitamin C and the cleanliness before eating or cooking any food? If you haven’t then go and check out them. Because those articles are really very important at this moment.

Best and Healthy Foods To Make
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Best and Healthy Foods To Make During COVID-19 Quarantine

The amount of deaths is increasing day by day globally and it will increase more. On average, a vaccine took about 12 to 18 months to make. So, it’s obvious that people will die until the vaccine invented.

And Do you know why people can not take a stand before this virus? Do you know why people are dying?

The answer is simple. People don’t actually follow a healthy diet. They eat whatever they want and that’s how they are damaging their own immune system. And those who have a bad immune system is getting killed by the COVID-19 virus.

What Should We Do Now To Prevent The COVID-19 Virus ?

We have to eat those foods or fruits which are rich in Vitamin C as much as possible. It will help us a lot. One more important thing is being hygiene. You should be clean as long as possible. When you go out, you should wear a mask and hand gloves properly. And whenever you came home from outside, you should wash your hands and face properly.

Do you know the proper way to wash your hands properly? And why we keep pressuring people to wash their hands properly? Because most of the researchers told that a huge percentage of people got attacked by the virus because of their ignorance and by people’s own hands.

Do you know how many times a person touch their face with their hands?

Many researchers said that people touch their faces for thousands of times a day. If you look closely, then you will remember that you also have touched your face while you reading this post. So, yeah. This is why people should wash their hands properly to prevent the virus.

You should wash your hands when you do these 10 things. And also tell your family about these things because if you are the only person who is really careful about the pandemic, then I don’t think it will help you a lot. So, make sure to share these things with your friends and families.

1. before starting work
2. after coughing, sneezing or blowing nose
3. before handling cooked or ready-to-eat food
4. after handling or preparing raw food
5. after handling waste 
6. after using the toilet 
7. after eating, drinking or smoking 
8. after handling money
9. generally, on a regular basis 
10. after cleaning duties
When To Wash Your Hand

Wash your hand for at least 20 seconds, vigorously and thoroughly rubbing all hand surfaces, including the fingertips and thumbs also. Rinse hands thoroughly with running water.

Good hygiene and cleaning are also important to avoid cross-contamination between raw or under-cooked foods and cooked or ready-to-eat foods in the kitchen. 

You can read the full detailed article here:- Click Here

Where are the Best and Healthy Foods To Make During COVID-19 Quarantine?

You probably think that we are just making you fool by telling you this information. But if you have read our previous part 2 post, then you must know that we will give you the list of Best and Healthy Foods To Make During COVID-19 Quarantine in part 4 of this series. So, please don’t be angry at this and watch our part 4 article of this series to know about the list.

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If you are looking for the list of Best and Healthy Foods To Make During COVID-19, please hover or go to our next part of this series. You will get a huge list of the best and healthy foods to make during COVID-19 to enjoy yourselves.

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