5 Quick And Delicious Banana Milkshake Recipes

Banana milkshake is a milk-based drink where banana is blended with milk as a compulsory element along with other ingredients like different kinds of fruit syrups, fruits, various essences, and flavors. It’s not the same as a smoothie. Some people get confused between milkshake and smoothie.

Smoothies are thicker and made with milk, yogurt, seeds, fruits, and sometimes vegetables. On the other hand, a milkshake is simple and only made with a little number of elements blended in a blender and served cold.

Here Are Some Banana Milkshake Recipes That You Might Like To Taste

The Regular Banana Milkshake

The first banana milkshake recipe has the smallest amount of ingredients and I can guarantee you that everyone’s gonna love it.1 banana,1 cup vanilla ice cream,3 ice cube,1 tablespoon sugar and a pinch of powdered cinnamon. Put them in a blender blend and you got a delicious banana milkshake. The elders gonna love it so is gonna the little ones.
This banana milkshake contains 427 calories,6.14 g of protein,13 g of carbohydrate, and 55.76 g of sugar.

And even if they don’t, no worries I got 2 more recipes coming right up.

A Banana Milkshake With Honey

The second recipe contains banana, honey, sugar, cardamom, milk, and of course ice cubes. Milk is gonna make the drink less thick than ice cream did. Milk is used in milkshakes to make them thinner. Some people prefer thin drinks than thick ones. As a kid I used to be a fan of thin drinks so did my siblings. So I think this is gonna be a great choice of drink for your kids.

This banana milk shake contains around 697 calories,18.7 g of protein,127 g of carbohydrate, and 102 g of sugar.

The Banana Oreo Milkshake

Are you still not satisfied with the previous drinks? Well, you’re lucky cause I got another banana milkshake recipe which contains oreo and without a doubt, oreo can not be rejected by any kids, adults no matter what age you are. Milk, banana, crushed oreo, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk or you can use sugar & ice cubes. Blend all the ingredients and pour in a glass with whipped cream, crushed oreo, and a huge red cherry on top of it. Anyone can be impressed by the look and flavor of this amazing banana milkshake for sure

This banana milk shake contains 796 calories,22.35 g of protein,132 g of carbohydrate, and 60 g of sugar.

Banana strawberry protein shake

Need a better supplement drink than usual?? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this milkshake recipe, we are gonna add strawberry, chocolate protein powder, and peanut butter along with banana and soy milk. I’m using soy milk because it’s a supplement drink and it should not collide with the ingredients. You can use whole milk or ice-cream but soy milk is recommended.

Take a whole banana, 2 strawberries,1 tbsp of peanut butter(unsalted), 4-5 ice cubes,1 cup of soy milk, and 1 tbsp of your favorite protein powder(chocolate flavor recommended) in a blender. Blend until they form a smooth texture. Pour in a glass and serve with a sliced strawberry on top of it.

This banana milk shake contains around 360 calories,11.72 g of protein, and 20 g sugar.

The Best Banana Protein Shake Ever

Just in case you didn’t like the previous protein shake I am gonna add another protein banana milkshake recipe with some more ingredients. In this milkshake, we are gonna add 1 cup unsweetened almond milk,2 tbsp vanilla whey protein powder,1 banana,1 tbsp of unsalted peanut butter, and 1 cup ice. Just simply put all the ingredients together in a blender and blend until smooth. You can add any kind of dairy milk and protein powder you want.

This milkshake contains 363 calories,32.68 g protein,17.63 g sugar, and 38.3 g carbohydrate.

Are banana milkshakes good for you?

Well, honey, to be honest, no it is not that healthy. Yeah it got banana and banana provides you high fiber, loads of potassium, blood pressure control, healthy heart and so more but these banana milkshake recipes contain sugar and milk products.

Milk might not harm that much to some people but sugar surely is a problem. Extra sugar causes extra calories are if these calories are not burned they are gonna eventually turn into a pain in the butt.

The first recipe contains around 55 g sugar which is equal to 220 calories. To burn 220 calories you have to run for 25 minutes and by bike for 20 minutes. In the third recipe, you have 60 g of sugar and the second has 100 g of sugar. So you gotta watch out for those extra sugars before you chug down a whole glass of the shake just because they taste so good.

The last two recipes do not contain that much sugar so you can easily chug them down. Also, they are protein shakes so they are pretty good after the workout.

Avoid drinking banana milkshakes before going to sleep because it hinders the digestion process and disturbs your sleeping pattern.

Eating too many bananas with milk can diminish Agni, change the intestinal flora, produce toxins, and may cause sinus congestion, cold, cough, and allergies. This causes confusion to our digestive system and may result in toxins, allergies, and other imbalances. Anyway whose gonna have milkshakes every day? Just keep in a tight diet and you will be fine. Everything is going to be fine.

Can you gain weight from a banana milkshake?

Banana has healthy carbs and calories and when combined with other high-calorie foods such as almonds and milk can increase your body’s calorie intake and thus, increase your mass. Having a banana shake to regain weight after a prolonged illness is one of the best ways possible to safely increase your calorie intake.

Doctors and gym trainers often suggest consuming banana milkshake or smoothie to gain weight. But people with overweight will face problems if they drink too much of it.


  • Adding more ice cube will thicken the milkshake.
  • Avoid drinking banana milkshake before sleeping. Cause it hinders the digestion process and disturbs your sleeping pattern.
  • Avoiding ice-cream and adding milk will make the drink thinner.
  • Avoiding milk products such as ice-cream, milk, and adding soy milk will make the drink healthier also consumable for lactose intolerable persons.
  • Soy milk or any kind of non-dairy milk like almond milk, coconut milk, oats milk, etc can be used as a replacement of milk or ice-cream.

Can you avoid milk products?

Yes, of course, you can but you gotta manage the amount of sugar used in the milkshake. But remember you’re gonna have to sacrifice the thick and smooth texture and flavor of the ice cream.

But if you are lactose intolerant or have any kind of milk-related health issues, you can use soy milk to get the milky flavor from your shake. .Some of the non-lactose milk are blue diamond breeze almond milk, pacific natural foods organic almond milk, silk pure almond milk.

Is A Banana Milkshake Healthy?

Without a doubt, banana and milk contain the healthy nutrients that many other healthy foods lack. A healthy glass of milkshake can serve you loads of calories and minerals. It will help you to gain weight by storing good carbohydrates in your body.


Milk contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals like riboflavin, calcium, and vitamin B 12. Also in 100 g milk can serve 42 calories. Milk is known as a whole meal. But unfortunately, it isn’t true. Milk lacks nutritions that is a must for our body. Like dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps us to boost our immunity, reduces the chances of chronic diseases, and many other health issues are solved by vitamin C. Carbohydrates produce energy and helps to gain weight. Fiber helps with food digestion.


Bananas, on the other hand, contain the nutrition that milk can not produce. Banana is full of carbohydrates, fiber, and of course vitamin C. It has 89 calories per 100 g. Banana is also enriched with vitamin B6, manganese, potassium, and biotin.

So When you mix them together and make a delicious combination, you get a healthy, full of calories and nutritious food elements are also known as Banana Milkshake. A healthy glass of banana milkshake can serve you so many health benefits that a bunch of other dishes will fail to serve. It will heal the damages after a hard workout or heavy work. It will also refill the calories that you spent on the gym.

What Are The Bad Effects Of Banana Milkshake?

A banana milkshake can be considered as a perfect meal. It serves you with all the healthy nutrients that your body needs. But, nothing’s perfect in this world. This milkshake is a heavy meal and of course, it will be hard to digest. The excess amount of fiber makes it heavy and it may cause constipation in several cases.

As banana milkshake is a heavy meal it only leaves a little space for other food. You’ll always feel full after a glass of milkshake and you won’t feel like eating anything else. This will cause a nutrition imbalance.

Like I said before this milkshake can cause you weight gain. If you are already heavily weighted than it’s not a preferred drink for you. It’s perfect for after workout drink.

Are banana smoothies good for you?

Unlike milkshake, smoothies are actually made out of fruits and yogurt. Now depending on the type of yogurt, you are consuming conditions may differ. There are two types of yogurt on the market. Non-fat and full fat. Nonfat yogurt is definitely preferred for those who are not looking forward to gaining weight. On the other hand, full-fat yogurt is full of fat and it increases the total amount of fat in your body.

So technically choosing nonfat yogurt is a healthier choice for avoiding health issues. It is also better than milkshakes.

Is Banana Smoothie good for weight loss? Yes, it is.

Is banana milk shake good for weight loss?

Negative. Banana milkshake is well known for gaining weight. After prolong days of illness or food deprivation, you lose a lot of weight. That’s when you will need a milkshake made out of a banana. It will help to regain the weight and fix your body damages done over time.

So it will be not appropriate to drink banana milkshake as a weight loss drink.

When should I drink banana shake?

It’s a heavy drinker and you should know when to drink it and not. Banana’s are full of potassium and magnesium. Where milk contains a good amount of protein and other various minerals. However, drinking them together is not a good idea at all. They can cause disrupted digestion. They also take a lot of space and doesn’t leave much for other foods.

You must be asking “Can I drink a banana smoothie for breakfast? Because human digestion works at its best during the morning.” Well, that can happen. Taking banana smoothie or shake as breakfast is a good idea. It saves time and keeps your stomach full for a long period. Actually it’s perfect if you drink a banana milkshake in the morning. Every other period is not suitable.

Is A Banana Milkshake Healthy?

Of Course, banana milkshake is a great healthy breakfast that you can add in your diet list. It contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and a lot of things which are really good for our health.

Why We Should Not Drink Banana Shake?

According to studies, consuming banana and milk together not only disturbs our digestive system as it is heavy but also disrupts our sinus. This leads sinus congestion, cold & cough and other allergies like rashes on the body.

Does Banana Make You Fat?

There isn’t any evidence that bananas contribute to weight gain or weight loss. … At the same time, simply adding bananas to what you are already eating adds calories that can lead to extra pounds in time.

Can Milkshakes Make You Gain Weight?

In the study, researchers had 10 healthy men drink a milkshake made with whole milk, whipped cream and ice cream; the shake contained 80 grams of fat and 1,000 calories. The American Heart Association recommends that healthy adults limit their fat intake to 20 to 35 percent of their daily calories.

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