Easy and healthy Beef Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Beef Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe:- Nothing suits more than a lazy delicious chicken dinner for a lazy day. Bacon & Spinach Stuffed chicken is a perfect recipe for you if you are not in a mood for cooking heavy meals. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare this dish. And let the oven do the rest. It is one of the best easy chicken dinner ideas ever.

Slit open your chicken thighs or breasts and stuff it with bacon and spinach. That’s all about this recipe. Just to be sure and get the proper amount of seasoning in the chicken and filling we recommend follow the instructions thoroughly. You can choose chicken thighs instead of breasts. 

Here Is The Step By Step Guide To Make Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Here are some extra details of this Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe you might wanna know:-

Easy and healthy Beef Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken Recipe
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Nutrition Facts

This dish has chicken, beef bacon, cream cheese, mozzarella, spinach, artichokes, etc. Chicken and bacon are the main sources of protein here and they also serve a decent amount of calories.

If you are choosing Bacon And Spinach Stuffed Chicken for dinner then it’s perfect. Because chicken is a light weighted protein and you don’t want to eat anything heavy for dinner. 1 bacon strip per serving is just the proper amount to go with.

1/8th cup of spinach per serving will also serve you a good amount of vitamins. Including vitamin K, A, C, and B2. You can avoid the cream cheese and mozzarella if you don’t want extra fat. But they add a mouthful of flavors to your dish without a doubt.

This stuffed chicken recipe is also a low carb dinner idea. So no extra carbs are going in your body. 

Is Stuffed Chicken Good For Me?

These stuffed chickens are getting cooked in the oven with extra-virgin olive oil. And they are also stuffed with healthy vegetables like spinach and artichoke. So definitely this dish is healthy for you. Unless you have any issues with the amount of fat that the mozzarella and cream cheese contains. Also, this is not a dairy-free dish. So if you are allergic to dairy products this stuffed chicken recipe is not recommended for you.

Can I Pan Fry Bacon & Spinach Stuffed Chicken?

Yes, you can. Baking it only makes it easier to cook. Also, the oven helps to get the heat properly served on every side of the chickens. So that they get cooked evenly. While frying in the pan make sure there is a proper amount of oil in the pan and the heat is no too high. High heat will cook the chicken from the outside and keep it raw in the inside. 

Cook the bacon separately. Keep them a little undercooked then add them in the chicken. In medium heat cook the chicken for around 5 minutes each side or until golden brown.

Can I Serve Stuffed Chicken As Breakfast?

Yes, you can serve this dish as breakfast. But make sure you get some carbs too. If you are not following any low carb diet plan. Also, try to get enough pieces of chicken according to your appetite and your body type. If you are on a weight loss journey then 1 piece will be perfect.

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